Raffaele Vergnani

Urban Freight Cluster Lead

Raffaele joined POLIS in July 2021.

He is the coordinator of the Urban Freight Working Group and he oversees thematically related projects and activities in the urban freight cluster. His current portfolio includes the URBANE, UNCHAIN, MOVE21, GREEN-LOG, and DISCO projects. In the past, he worked on LEAD and ST4W.

Raffaele has co-written and contributed to more than ten research studies commissioned by the European Commission and the European Parliament, and has taken part in international working groups focused on transport and tourism, such as the Alpine Convention.

Before joining POLIS, he worked for Eurac Research, TRT Trasporti e Territorio, and Flixmobility. He holds a master's degree in Geography and Spatial Planning from the University of Bologna.

You can contact him in Italian, English, French, and German.