SURF Final Report gives insights on sustainable urban freight

After months of exploring the topics of Sustainable URban Freight and Zero-Emission Zones for freight - also known as ZEZ-F, the SURF project - a joint effort of Environmental Defense Fund Europe and POLIS Network, has officially ended. The SURF Final Report, which was recently finalised, is a testament to this exciting and rich adventure.

Building upon the How-to Guide on Zero-Emission Zones for Freight, the project has provided cities with knowledge and tools to replicate best practices and develop their own ways to face their specific needs.

In particular, the project gathered key lessons from the Instant Projects of Karditsa, Ravenna, and Aarhus, such as:

  • Results from pilot projects and studies should be included in larger, long-term city freight and mobility plans;
  • Pilots with low complexity can still have high impact and visibility;
  • It is important to focus on an area where a project can be most effective and manageable.

SURF showed that significant innovative solutions can be achieved even with a small budget; all you need is diverse stakeholders and expertise aligning and working together.

The SURF Final Report is available HERE.