2022 - 2026


URBANE aims to address the negative trends associated with the pressure on last-mile deliveries. How? By identifying and scaling up novel and more sustainable last-mile transport solutions!

The growth of the e-commerce sector presents serious logistical issues. In this context, Europe needs to identify and scale up novel and more sustainable last-mile transportation solutions. URBANE (Upscaling Innovative Green Urban Logistics Solutions Through Multi-Actor Collaboration and Physical Internet (PI) - Inspired Last Mile Deliveries) tackles the negative trends associated with last-mile deliveries by supporting the transition towards effective, resilient, safe, and sustainable transport.  

Running from September 2022 until February 2026, its ambitions are in line with the European Green Deal, the Paris Agreement, and the Green City Accord: indeed, URBANE’s goals are part of the wider European Commission’s goals for zero-emission last-mile deliveries, as components of the European Green Digital Coalition and the European Climate Pact. It is also part of the CIVITAS Initiative “Urban logistics” thematic area, aiming to make sustainable and smart urban mobility a reality for all in Europe and beyond. 

URBANE has four Lighthouse Living Labs (LLs): POLIS member Bologna (IT), Helsinki (FI), Valladolid (ES), and the region of Central Macedonia (GR), to demonstrate efficient, replicable, and socially acceptable innovative last-mile delivery solutions (Wave 1 solutions), building on existing assets.

Lessons learned are facilitated by an Innovation Transferability Platform comprising Digital Twinning Tools, open models, smart contracts governed by blockchain technology, and a data-driven Impact Assessment Radar to enable the adaptation and replication of Wave 1 solutions in two Twinning LLs (Wave 2 LLs) in POLIS member Barcelona (ES) and in Karlsruhe (DE), demonstrating their own solutions within the project.  

URBANE’s commitment to upscaling is further strengthened by the engagement of six early adopters (Follower Cities – POLIS members Aarhus (DK), La Rochelle (FR), Mechelen (BE), Prague (CZ), and Ravenna (IT), as well as Antwerp (NL) in the feasibility studies of the adoption of innovations, thus stimulating the formulation of new Living Lab communities across Europe. The consortium comprises 39 partners and an external partner from 12 different EU Member States, led by INLECOM, a leading digital innovation provider, responsible for the twinning infrastructure and open models’ library of the project.

In URBANE, POLIS is leading the Upscaling and Policy Making activities to build momentum for green automated last-mile delivery solutions. The goal, amongst others, is to promote knowledge transfer, conduct capacity-building activities, involve a wider base of external cities and regions, and communicate and disseminate URBANE’s results. 

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