23/05/2022 Online

2nd POLIS-ALICE urban freight webinar

The second webinar in the POLIS-ALICE joint series on urban freight explores cooperation and new business models.

Date: 23 May 2022

Time: 14:00-15:30

Cooperation between suppliers, customers and the public administration is essential to implement new business models, effective both for cities and industry players. A more sustainable urban logistics can be achieved with reduced costs through smart consolidation of logistics operations.

The main concept of Collaborative Urban Logistics is to share resources, infrastructure, and transportation to perform last-mile delivery in urban area. However, there are many challenges in Collaborative Urban Logistics, e.g. service level, service contract design, contract performance etc.

Urban consolidation centres (UCC's) are usually introduced by local governments to reduce the number of motorized freight vehicles entering their cities. Freight flows from outside the city are consolidated with the objective to bundle inner-city transportation activities to reduce volume of distribution activities in the city. They contribute to reduce traffic and congestion around sites in urban and peri-urban areas, thus noise and overall emissions from the transport sector.

The second appointment of the POLIS ALICE 2022 webinar series gives the floor to the CULT initiative and the EU-funded project LEAD, to better understand the experience and applications implemented in the cities of Antwerp and Madrid.


About the webinar series

As carbon reduction targets loom, demand for commerce rockets, and urbanisation rates accelerate, the freight sector faces a growing number of complex challenges.

Yet, the opportunities available have never been so exciting! From Zero-emissions zones for freight, to cargo-bike delivery, urban delivery is changing rapidly. So how can we navigate the best way forward?

Look no further than the POLIS-ALICE webinar series.

Across the series we will explore governance, technology, planning, incentive schemes… the list goes on! It is a unique chance to learn how public-private partnerships are being deployed in novel ways to leverage cutting edge digital technologies and data sharing mechanisms.

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13:00- Welcome

13:05- ALICE members and their partners have launched the 1st Collaborative Urban Logistics and Transport (CULT) in Antwerp.

13:30- LEAD EU-funded project explores a Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC) within the Low Emissions Zone in Madrid, using electric delivery vans 

14:00- EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposals for Factory: #ChallengeMyCity – Madrid, Challenge A: Logistics hub for green last mile delivery

14:10- Discussion