POLIS-ALICE webinar series kicks off!

We often regard passenger and freight transit as two independent systems, but what if this was not the case? Seems a radical concept, but not as outlandish as we may think! The POLIS-ALICE Webinar series kicked-off with an exploration of how the two can be combined.

Most authorities with an urban remit have not developed coherent freight transport policies to the same extent that they have their public transport policies. As last mile logistics faces growing pressure to meet rising demand while slashing carbon emissions, creative solutions need to be found.

The combination of passenger and freight transport has potential for optimising the use of current transport capacities and assets in cities, thus improve efficiency, reduce emissions and cost, improve land usage.

Research looking into this topic including case studies and pilots are underway across Europe; however, implementation is challenging and regulatory barriers at city, regional and national level.

To help cities and regions navigate this issue, POLIS’ Urban Freight Working Group joined forced with the European Technology Platform (ALICE) to explore the challenges faced and the solutions being found.

The POLIS-ALICE partnership seeks to forge synergies between projects, initiatives, cities-regions and companies to accelerate innovation. As a result, the meeting heard from outcomes of current projects working on this topic, exploring potential for scalability and transferability.

The webinar heard from SPROUT and MOVE 21 projects, as well as logistics practitioners and public transport operators, who discussed current practices, R&I, thus identifying barriers to progress and providing insight into avenues for action.


Want to know more?

Across the series we will explore governance, technology, planning, incentive schemes… the list goes on! It is a unique chance to learn how public-private partnerships are being deployed in novel ways to leverage cutting edge digital technologies and data sharing mechanisms.

It will also provide an opportunity to hear about new concepts and opportunities between ongoing EU-funded projects and initiatives.

Most of the webinars in this series will be reserved exclusively for POLIS and ALICE members, with a select few open to the public.