POLIS explores regional land use planning for sustainable mobility

On 13 March POLIS’ Regions and Freight Working Groups joined for meeting on regional land use planning for sustainable mobility.

The meeting looked at the governance challenges at hand, and how projects on the ground are finding new ways of ensuring land-use and sustainable transport are working together. The meeting also provided key insight into the importance of logistics in this issue.

To explore this issue, and how it affects regions across Europe, practitioners and researchers from Germany to Norway to France, examined how different cooperation models between municipalities, regional actors and national decision makers is being developed to harmonise mobility and land-use.

“For us this is incredibly important, yet, it is a struggle as development over the last few decades has tended towards urban sprawl, and we need to turn this around- something the mobility department cannot do alone, we need to work together,” said Wolf Engelbach from Baden Württemberg, opening the meeting.

POLIS members can read the full report HERE.