22/04/2024 - 23/04/2024 Oslo, Norway

Planning Urban and Trans-European Mobility Together

''Planning Urban and Trans-European Mobility Together'' is a unique event hosted by the City of Oslo and co-organised by POLIS and Eurocities. Taking place from the 22 till 23 April, it promises to be a perfect environment for discussion on collaborative efforts, transport corridors, and connectivity.


Details & what to expect

"Planning Urban and Trans-European Mobility Together" is a noteworthy event designed to foster discussion and address a crucial question: What collaborative efforts are necessary along transport corridors to improve connectivity within and between urban nodes? Co-hosted by POLIS and Eurocities, the event will feature the participation of the MOVE21 project.

This gathering serves as a pivotal occasion for European cities designated as urban nodes under the new TEN-T regulation and professionals in the mobility sector. It provides a platform for them to engage in dialogue, sharing insights and perspectives on challenges and opportunities related to passenger transport within and extending beyond urban nodes.

You can find at this link the latest version of the programme.

If you are interested, please register HERE.


About TEN-T regulation

The revised TEN-T law, effective from early 2024, sets ambitious goals for completing Europe's transportation networks by 2050. The legislation focuses on breaking down national barriers, strengthening connectivity, and revolutionizing passenger and freight movement across the continent. Urban Nodes, key urban areas with integrated transportation infrastructure, receive heightened attention under the new regulations. The legislation outlines requirements for 431 urban nodes, including the adoption of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and the development of multimodal hubs. As these urban nodes strive to meet these directives, they encounter both challenges and opportunities in reshaping Europe's transportation landscape.

For more information, please contact Raffaele Vergnani.