2021 - 2024


POLIS is proud to participate in the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme by contributing to the 3-year MobiDataLab project coordinated by AKKA Technologies, launched on February 1st, 2021.

The MobiDataLab project

The MobiDataLab project aims to foster digitalisation for mobility stakeholders[1] through the development of a worldwide data sharing culture, starting with Europe. The research programme will help mobility stakeholders to optimize use of data for the improvement of their operations and services by proposing a replicable methodology and sustainable tools.

The MobiDataLab project is based on a continuous co-development of knowledge and technical solutions for data sharing in the transport and mobility sectors. This will be put in action through problem-solving oriented Labs, the collection and analysis of advice and recommendations of experts, and supporting cities/regions/clusters/associations. They will be aided by the incremental construction of a cross-thematic knowledge base, and of a cloud-based service platform, which will coordinate access and usage of data sharing resources.

POLIS role in the MobiDataLab project

POLIS participates in the MobiDataLab consortium, composed of 9 partners across Europe from various sectors (Industry, Research, Academia, Consultancy and Governance). The consortium shares a common view on the values and benefits of open data and open-source principles for fostering independence and uptake by communities.

We will lead several tasks on communication of the project, dissemination of its results, and engagement of stakeholder with the project work and partners. Besides, we will also contribute to the analysis and assessment of societal and environmental impacts of data sharing. And in addition to that, POLIS takes part in the quantification and measure of the data exchange culture, and in the organisation of living labs with a specific focus on the datathon. The datathon will help define business cases from data with the data owners.

Our participation will build on our expertise regarding European projects focused on urban mobility innovations, such as MOMENTUM, TRACE or UVARBOX. It will also be supported by the partnerships we are involved in, like the World Business Council for Sustainable Development working on data sharing, the Movin’on Community of Interest on Smart Mobility, and CCAM partnerships.

AKKA has won more than 9 EU projects within a period of 6 months demonstrating a clear focus on Digital and on the priorities of the European Commission. Being a coordinator of the MobiDataLab  project comes with a commitment to digitalize and make transport data easily accessible to everyone thanks to an ambitious data opening strategy. We look forward to start working on the project together with our partners.” added Pierre Lion, Group director of AKKA Research, AKKA’s in-house R&D and innovation centre.

For more information about the MobiDataLab project, please visit the project's website:

[1] Such as transport organising authorities, operators, industry or innovators.