Stockholm is one of Europe's fastest growing cities. The City of Stockholm aims to become fossil-fuel-free and climate positive by 2040. The newly adopted Climate Action Plan 2020-2023 aims at taking the city to a maximum of 1.5 tonnes of CO2/inhabitant by 2023. 2040 fossil fuels need to be completely phased out. The vehicle fleet needs to be transformed and traffic reduced while at the same time securing that the city remains inclusive and accessible to all.

The City of Stockholm is involved in the following Polis working groups: Clean vehicles and air quality, Active travel and health, Traffic efficiency, Governance and integration, Urban freight, Road safety, Economic & social access and Parking.

The City of Stockholm is/was involved in the following EU projects: Civitas Eccentric, Life aspire, Grow smarter, IntelligentSea, Zeeus, NextGen Link, Prosfet & The Northern ScanMed Ports – Sustainable Maritime Links.

The City of Stockholm has published the following documents:

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