2018 - 2022


Despite good parking management having proven to be beneficial in delivering sustainable urban mobility in cities, it is still one of the most underdeveloped sections within Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) policies.

The Horizon 2020 project Park4SUMP aims to reverse this status by considering parking management as part of a wider strategy that can benefit urban mobility but also the overall quality of life of our cities. Park4SUMP aims to show that good parking management can help freeing up public space, supporting local businesses, reducing search travel, generating revenues, and making our cities more attractive.

The project aims to help partner cities to:

  • Integrate parking management into their (future) SUMP
  • Free an average of 10% of public space currently used for parking by means of participatory planning
  • Invest at least 10% of parking revenues into sustainable transport, active modes such as walking and cycling and develop a more human-centred neighbourhoods

Park4SUMP brings together 14 national governments to increase knowledge of how legislation on parking facilitates and hinders the use of effective parking management by cities in that state. Cities and regions involved in Park4SUMP include Lisbon, Tallinn, Rotterdam, Trondheim and Arnhem-Nijmegen.

Park4SUMP began in September 2018 and will culminate in February 2022.

For further information, please see the Park4SUMP website or contact Ivo Cré or Pasquale Cancellara