13/10/2020 Online

Mobilising Mobility: Parking – greener, smarter, stricter

Parking is beautiful, but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Parking policies combine the ability to unlock opportunities for accessing the city, manage space and bring revenue to the city’s accounts. This webinar will showcase new evolutions in parking, and will help cities and regions take parking policies one step further.  

This webinar was moderated by Ivo Cré.

Featured speakers were:

  • Oscar Rodrigues (EMEL, Lisbon)
  • Bastiaan Pigge (City of Rotterdam)
  • Rodney Stiles (Populus) 

The webinar was a Polis initiative in cooperation with Civitas and Park4SUMP project

Find the recording here

About Park4SUMP

Park4SUMP project aims to reverse this status by considering parking management as part of a wider strategy that can benefit urban mobility but also the overall quality of life of our cities. Park4SUMP aims to show that good parking management can help freeing up public space, supporting local businesses, reducing search travel, generating revenues, and making our cities more attractive.


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