Tallinn has a strategic location in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. A harbour city, just across the water from Helsinki, Tallinn was registered on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list as the most well-preserved old town in Northern Europe.

Tallinn has the largest and constantly developing transport terminal in Estonia. Public transport is one of the major fields of activity for the administration, accounting for around 10% of all public expenditure. The more populated areas are covered with a unified ticketing system which benefits from a subsidy of about 53%; while more remote areas that are not feasible to be covered by big buses, are served by commercial minivans and taxis.

Tallinn looks for implementing the best innovative practices of Polis member cities. Tallinn is most interested in learning how to engage international and state investments, how to reach a balance between public and private service providers, and how public transport development could be put higher on the agenda of sustainable development.

Tallinn is involved in the EU Projects PAVE-SCAN – PAVEment SCANning with EGNSS Technology for Accurate Assessement and SPINE - Smart Public transport Initiatives for climate-Neutral cities in Europe.

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