09/12/2021 Online

POLIS-EPA webinar: 2nd in the series

Off-street parking management activities for new mobility services

9 December; 11:00-13:00 CET

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This webinar is the second in a joint series organised by POLIS and the European Parking Association (EPA).

We will showcase what trends are related to the Park4Sump guidelines, the parking service sector evolution and a selection of integrated solutions where parking is key in contributing to the sustainable mobility transition.

The activities in multilevel parking structures are today enabling integration with multi-modal service provisions. Here the new services include parking for various vehicles, last mile delivery services, sharing mobility services, EV charging, environmental access management, seamless payment systems etc. are rapidly developing. The focus will be on the change from motorcar parking management services to multimodal hub management activities.

It follows the first webinar, "On-street and kerbside vehicle management: Parking as a tool enabling the transition to sustainable urban mobility" which drew over 200 registrations and heard from a range of cities about parking solutions for cars and delivery vans, as well as the setup of EV charging services, access management, permits, seamless payment… and more!


Webinar Program

Guidelines from PARK4SUMP for integrating off-street vehicle parking trends. New ideas and solutions: Laurens Vander Kuylen, Mobiel 21 - Patrick Auwerx, Mobiel 21 - Peter Schick, City of Freiburg

Session 1

  • A practical Insight into the parking sector today - Moderator Theo Thuis    
  • Transforming parking structures into urban mobility hubs - Preparing Car Parks for the Future: João Caetano Dias, Business Director at Empark
  • Company Social Responsibility (CSR) – The parking sector's social sensibility    contributing to sustainable development: Olivier Challe, Head of EV Charging Strategy at Indigo
  • 20th  EPA International Parking Congress in Brussels – 2022: Roland Cracco, CEO of Interparking


Session 2

  • Integrated management solutions for a sustainable transition - Moderator Ivo Cre
  • Integrating access controls, on and off street and multilevel parking into a digital service management mobility model. The Rome-Fiumicino Airport case: Antonio Fraccari, CEO of ADR Mobility
  • The German Railway’s integrated P&R mobility scheme: Torsten Sprengel, CEO of DB BahnPark
  • Summing up and contributions for the Park4Sump indicators: Theo Thuis and Ivo Cre


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