17/09/2020 Online

Mobilising Mobility: Changing the parking fundamentals

Throughout the world, cities are making bold decisions about cars in their streets… and buildings. This webinar presented recent insights on parking issues that will reshape our cities and our mobility in a fundamental way.

How do we shape and regulate the built environment in our cities? Can we drastically cut parking from the public space? How will new mobility change parking needs and parking behaviour – and how should cities respond? 

The webinar was moderated by Ivo Cré.

Featured speakers were:

  • Theo Thuis (Q-Park on behalf of EPA - European Parking Association): Welcome
  • Martina Hertel (DIFU Park4SUMP Partner): Fundamentally changing the parking offer by parking standard
  • Hervé Levifve (City of Paris): Public space in Paris, from parking policy to curbside management
  • Benjamin Sternkopf (Berlin Sustainable traffic development & mobility research Expert Berlin): Addressing air quality issues by means of parking policies
  • Benjamin Clark (University of Oregon): Investigating Effects of TNCs on Parking Demand and Revenues
  • Patrick Auwerx (Mobiel 21 Park4SUMP Project Coordinator): Conclusion

The webinar was a Polis initiative in cooperation with the European Parking Association and featuring the Park4SUMP project.

Find the recording here

About Park4SUMP

The Park4SUMP project aims to reverse this status by considering parking management as part of a wider strategy that can benefit urban mobility but also the overall quality of life of our cities. Park4SUMP aims to show that good parking management can help freeing up public space, supporting local businesses, reducing search travel, generating revenues, and making our cities more attractive.