Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia is a medium sized city in the northern part of Italy. It is the main town of the Province, a region with with over 170,000 inhabitants. Reggio Emilia is located along one of Italy's primary transport lines, including the highway and railway linking Milan to Rome.

Considering urban mobility as part of an holistic effort to improve urban life, since over a decade Reggio Emilia is fully committed in raising the well-being of the inhabitants by building a better mobility system

In order to overcome the negative trends and limit the criticalities, caused by traffic congestion and air pollution, long standing problems in many Italian cities and throughout Northern Italy in particular, but also the scarce role of the local public transport and a car-first mentality among citizens, the Administration and the Mobility Agency of Reggio Emilia are fully engaged in promoting integrated and sustainable mobility.

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