eCharge4Drivers organises a successful EIG workshop in Barcelona!

You got it right: the eCharge4Drivers project successfully organised an External Interest Group (EIG) workshop in Barcelona this past June 29, 2023. The focus? Learning more about the demonstration activities of the project in the Spanish city!

eCharge4Drivers aims to substantially improve the EV charging experience in urban areas and interurban corridors, making it more convenient for users to go green; its EIG (formed by a compelling group of industry, research, local authorities, and end-users representatives) holds a crucial role in achieving this objective by sustaining and advancing the project's efforts.

The classroom session during the EIG Workshop in Barcelona

With this vision in mind, a group of around 30 people comprised of eCharge4Drivers project partners and EIG members gathered in Barcelona to continue learning from each other through an exciting full-day workshop.

The workshop

The event focused on the demonstration activities of the project in the Spanish city: it included a classroom session, where participants got to learn about Barcelona’s e-mobility strategy, including the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Indeed, the capital of the Catalonia region has been successfully implementing its vision for the past 15 years, marking as a start the instalment of its first EV charging station back in 2008!

This EIG workshop was also a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge on a variety of topics: from user-friendly charging stations to smart charging solutions, innovative tariff schemes, battery-swapping solutions for light EVs (either two or four-wheelers), and more, nothing was left off the table!

Want to know more? Let us tell you about the breakout discussions and what came after the classroom session!

Battery-swapping station in Barcelona

Time for discussion! The breakout sessions

During the breakout discussions, the attendees had the opportunity to provide their technical expertise and validation to the use cases being demonstrated in Barcelona as well as assess the replicability of these solutions in their own contexts.

After the classroom session, participants were also able to take part in the site visit to the nearby Navas car park. Here they could see in person the battery swapping and smart charging solutions implemented by partners B:SM, Mosaic Factor, and SCUTUM. The site visit also included a walk through one of Barcelona’s famous superblocks!


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to write to Pedro Gomes and Marina Martin.