14/11/2022 - 17/11/2022 Lisbon, Portugal

TRA2022: Transport Research Arena 2022

TRA2022 - Transport Research Arena 2022, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility.

TRA2022 will take place 14-17 November 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Lisbon Congress Center (CLL), situated in the historical area of Belém, on the banks of the Tagus River. The TRA2022 programme is diverse and interesting.

More on the Conference

Themed “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”, TRA2022 brings together experts from around the world to discuss the newest innovations and future of mobility and transport, building on the Portuguese historical legacy and links to overseas transport professionals. In the European sphere, the implementation of sustainable and innovative transport plays an important role in the EU’s energy and climate objectives.

The Conference is organised and hosted by the National Innovation Agency (ANI), Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT), Engineering Schools Consortium (CEE), National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC), Magellan – European Affairs Association and co-organised with the European Commission.

What about the sessions?

For four days, TRA2022 will organise different types of sessions dedicated to specific themes such as Smart Solutions and SocietyGreen Mobility and DecarbonisationInnovative Infrastructure for Europe 2030 and Policies and Economics for a Competitive Europe.

The sessions range from Plenary Sessions to set up the theme of the day, which are dedicated to key political topics addressed by invited high-level speakers, Strategic Sessions will address the main themes of the conference, and Scientific & Technical Sessions with the ambition to highlight EU supported projects results and Invited Sessions are dedicated to specific themes open to outside stakeholders.

Where will I find POLIS?

?Monday 14/11

? Signature of Memorandum of Understanding between POLIS and FEHRL - the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

FEHRL and POLIS will sign an MoU to foster innovation in European urban mobility. The MoU will enable a close cooperation between infrastructure engineers, infrastructure operators, and city/region planners. The collaborative approach of our two organisations will cover several themes such as the resilience of transport infrastructure in cities and regions, road infrastructure as a means to balance the ambient temperature in cities, electrification of urban and regional mobility, dynamic uses of the road infrastructure, adaptation of the road infrastructure to micro-mobility, efficient and safe multi-modal hubs, the shift of mobility demand from large cities to town as a result of home-working policy and, last but not least, infrastructure readiness to automated & connected mobility.

? Invited session on A snapshot of the traffic management of the future

17:00 WET/GMT (also, 18:00 CET)

In this session, the European Commission, together with the 4FRONT cluster of European-funded projects (ORCHESTRA, TANGENT, DIT4TRAM, FRONTIER) and the HARMONY project, will examine the future of the network and traffic management, and the ways it will shape cities.

? Invited session on User-centric and smart charging solutions for future-proof electromobility

17:00 WET/GMT (also, 18:00 CET)

During this session, a series of successful tools and solutions will be showcased, focusing on user-centric EV charging solutions (eCharge4Drivers, USER-CHI, INCIT-EV) and smart charging (SCALE).


?Tuesday 15/11

? Invited session on Tomorrow's urban public transport

08:30 WET/GMT (also, 09:30 CET)

Tackling the vital element of urban public transport and its role in making mobility in cities and regions more sustainable, this invited session, featuring POLIS' own Ivo Cré among panellists from UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics), UBER, and Alstom, will investigate what innovative solutions can accelerate the necessary modal shift in public transport and what lessons can we draw from the past to design the future, thus shedding some light on the different innovation needs and opportunities of the urban mobility system.

? Invited session on Emerging Mobility - Fair and Inclusive

08:30 WET/GMT (also, 09:30 CET)

Featuring the INDIMO project, among others, this session will present the results of the most recent research aimed at a fairer and more inclusive transport system, also considering the rapid transition to an increasingly digital lifestyle.

? IMT-ITF-POLIS-TML Joint Session on Serving Mobility as a Service

10.00 WET/GMT (also, 11:00 CET)

Addressing all things MaaS, this joint panel of 30 minutes will be hosted at the stand of the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT). Opened by the International Transport Forum (ITF), and featuring, alongside representatives from ITF and Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa (TML), our Secretary General Karen Vancluysen, this round-table will investigate the benefits that are already delivered by Maas today, as well as what we are still lacking to ensure a greater role of MaaS on European mobility systems.

? Strategic Session 2.2 - Time to Act: Reaching climate-neutral cities by 2030

13:15 WET/GMT (also, 14:15 CET)

Featuring once again our Secretary General - here both as Chair and Speaker, but also POLIS members like Helmond, Lisbon, EMT Madrid, and Ile-de-France, this session will discuss:

  • The role of the transport sector in reaching climate neutrality in cities
  • Stakeholder involvement and co-creation for climate and transport decarbonisation policies
  • How to ensure a just transition and make sure the transport transformation is inclusive
  • The role of innovation in reaching climate-neutrality
  • How to get the private sector on board as an ally in decarbonisation, how to align innovation with policy goals, e.g. CO2-free city logistics, electrification, connected and automated vehicles
  • ... and much more!

? Invited session on Healthier cities through innovative and effective emission measuring, control and reduction

15:00 WET/GMT (also,16:00 CET)

Transport is essential for people and the economy, but its emissions and noise affect the health of the whole population both directly and through environmental pollution. These negative impacts are particularly present in urban environments. Innovative solutions could help reduce this impact, e.g., technological solutions to allow better transport planning in cities - the ReVeAL and Dynaxibility projects will partake in this session to talk about this. Featuring POLIS' Laura Babío.

? Invited session on Making CCAM a smart solution for society

15:00 WET/GMT (also,16:00 CET)

The session will hear from two freshly completed H2020 projects about user acceptability, user behaviour, and the impact assessment of innovative mobility solutions like CCAM (Drive2TheFuture and Levitate).

? Invited session on Multimodal hubs and last-mile delivery: unlocking the potential to green urban logistics

17:00 WET/GMT (also, 18:00 CET) - More info

MOVE21 and LEAD will be featured in this session, which aims to better understand the role that multimodal hubs cover in the urban environment, as they provide a smart point in the transport network that seamlessly integrates different modes of transport with passenger and logistics flows. The EU-funded projects MOVE21, LEAD and ULaaDS will show how they are working on that and provide potential solutions to improve and make more efficient city logistics. Featuring Raffaele Vergnani.


?Wednesday 16/11

? Strategic Session 3.2 - Sustainable ports and airports

13:15 WET/GMT (also, 14:15 CET)

This session, featuring once again Ivo Cré among the panellists, will:

  • Discuss the key environmental implications for ports and airports of the European strategies and Policies (Green Deal, ‘Fit for 55’, Climate Pact, ‘Efficient and Green Mobility’, Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy) in the 2030-time frame
  • Identify the critical RD&I gaps to be addressed
  • Outline which innovations are in the pipeline and will be a reality in the next 3-5 years
  • Discuss the development and implementation of technologies, operations and business models, to expand green and sustainable operations in maritime and inland ports, as well as airports and how these can enable the integration of waterborne and hinterland transport at air/port and logistics chains
  • Discuss how we can reach a holistic approach for the transition acceleration addressing all stakeholders, including logistics nodes, freight users e.o. so that Road, Rail, Air and waterways will truly become an integral part of the solution


?Thursday 17/11

? Invited session on Towards Sustainable Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

08:30 WET/GMT (also, 09:30 CET)

This UAM session aims to present the relevant R&I players and the key breakthrough innovations in the Urban Air Mobility and unmanned aircraft global industry, and research actors around the latest technology innovations in Europe - featuring POLIS' Manon Coyne.

? Ride2Autonomy Final Conference

09:00 WET/GMT (also, 10:00 CET) - ending at 17:00 WET/GMT - 18:00 CET - More info

The Ride2Autonomy project will host its Final Conference in Lisbon on 17 November 2022, as a side event of the TRA 2022 Conference. Join the project to learn about its10 AV-pilot experiences and guides and tools to facilitate Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) planning and pilot implementation.


Do you need more POLIS to spice up your TRA2022?

POLIS will help represent the FUTURE-HORIZON project at TRA 2022 in Lisbon. FUTURE-HORIZON supports ERTRAC, (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council), in identifying future research needs in the field of road transport. In particular, research by the FUTURE-HORIZON partners has given birth to interesting fact sheets about the future of road transport and the strategy of several countries like China, Japan, South Korea and the U.S.

Together with ERTRAC, POLIS has prepared dissemination tools around these fact sheets and made sure that their content can be seen at TRA 2022. POLIS also created 12 success stories presenting EU-funded projects on short, factual documents. Finally, the ERTRAC website was refreshed completely and launched before TRA2022, offering a whole new user experience. You can visit the ERTRAC stand (2.20 in PAV 1) at TRA2022 to get more details and discuss with the ERTRAC team.

Looking for POLIS at the exhibition - peep some of our projects, such as i-DREAMS, TANGENT, eCharge4Drivers, and MobiDataLab.