POLIS Conference 2021 – Presentations

The POLIS Conference 2021 took place on 1 and 2 December in Gothenburg, Sweden. Below you will find all the presentations from the event.


1A. Active mobility for all!

1B. Traffic management of the future

1C. The vertical dimension

1D. Clean air now!

1E. Size doesn’t matter: Boosting innovation in Small & Medium-sized Cities

1F. Public transport strategies for the next decade: Strengthening the backbone

1G. Governing innovation

1H. AI in transport

Opening Plenary Session: Agents of Change: Local Leaders Initiating Innovation

2A. Towards the 15’ City

2B. Towards the digital transition

2C. Managing city-changing infrastructures

2D. Hydrogen beyond the hype

2E. Capacity to get Road Safety rolling

2F. The recipe for MaaS

2G. The science of the citizen

2H. Managing the curb

3A. Bike a bit longer

3B. Leveraging data to improve transport planning and management

3C. Beyond ‘pure’ parking – Park here for modal shift

3D. MaaS: from theory to practice

3E. Going beyond crash data

3F. Urban Freight: Zooming in on Zero

The SURF project: Develop a vision and pathway for Zero-Emission Zones for freight
Findings and results of projects in small and medium-sized cities:

3G. Integrating shared mobility

3H. SUMPs, one piece of the urban planning policy puzzle?

4A. (Re)Designing streets

4B. Vehicle automation

4C. Innovations in Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

4D. It’s electrifying!

4E. Macro-managing micromobility

4F. Sharing data for shared mobility

4G. Future scenarios for urban freight: Data, modelling and simulation

4H. Moving the smart city

Full session presentations here


Closing Plenary Session: No one left behind: Embracing Equality, Enhancing Equity

Site Visit # 3 – Sustainable mobility in the city centre of Gothenburg