2014 - 2016


The goal? To Establish SUMP Support Networks.

In ENDURANCE, 30 project partners built up 25 national networks and an overarching European network organisation on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The network was built on the existing structures of EPOMM, such as the website, workshops, networking people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytimetools, policy exchange support and its e-update. ENDURANCE addressed 250 cities, offered training, raised awareness and fostered exchange. Indeed, the project had been called ENDURANCE as it aimed to build an enduring network structure for sustainable urban mobility. The project consortium contained EPOMM and its network of national networks on mobility management in currently 20 European countries.

This network had a whole range of already existing network facilities, that were extended and modified to support SUMP, and especially mutual learning and sharing on SUMP. The main target groups were urban mobility professionals, cities and national authorities.

Their main benefit was efficient and enduring support structures for SUMP, maintained by EPOMM beyond the end of ENDURANCE.

For further information, check the Scope of the ENDURANCE Networks and visit the project's TRIMIS page.