2013 - 2016


In ENDURANCE (Establishing SUMP Support Networks) 30 project partners built up 25 national networks and an overarching European network organisation on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans  (SUMPs). The network was built on the existing structures of EPOMM, such as website, workshops, networking tools, policy exchange support and its e-update. ENDURANCE addressed 250 cities, offered training,  raised awareness and fostered exchange. The project had been called ENDURANCE as it aimed to build an enduring network structure sustainable urban mobility.

ENDURANCE ran from May 2014 to April 2016.

The ENDURANCE national city networks of SUMP

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Factsheets on SUMP related challenges

Citizen participation:

  • Stakeholder and Citizen Participation in the Aberdeen SUMP - Aberdeen, United Kingdom [EN] [FR] [LT]
  • Grenoble SUMP: a new culture of citizen involvement - Grenoble, France [EN] [FR]
  • The new Kornmarkt square in Bregenz Country - Bregenz, Austria [EN] [DE] [SK]
  • Big Travel Action Challenge - Limerick, Ireland [EN] [FR] [NL]
  • Ljutomer's Active Travel Group - Ljutomer, Slovenia [EN] [FR] [SK]
  • Thematic Stakeholder Committees in Toulouse - Toulouse, France [EN] [DA] [FR]
  • Towards an Action Plan for Cycling in Utrecht - Utrecht, Netherlands [EN] [EE]


  • SUMP budget allocation in Kortrijk - Kortrijk, Belgium [EN] [ES] [FI]

Institutional cooperation:

  • SUMP for public transport in the city of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki, Greece [EN] [GR] [HU]
  • Involving politicians and stakeholders in the SUMP process - Hyvinkää, Finland [EN] [IT] [LV] [SK] [SL]
  • Congestion charge - Stockholm, Sweden [EN] [HU] [RO] [SE]
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz SUMP within the Climate Change Policy - VitoriaGasteiz, Spain [EN] [DE] [ES] [LT]
  • Development of an intermunicipal SUMP for rural areas - Norddjurs and Syddjurs, Denmark [EN] [DE] [LV] [SE] [SL]
  • An Action Plan for the first Dutch Regional SUMP - Venlo, Netherlands [EN] [IT] [SE]

Monitoring and evaluation:

  • The Key Role of the 'Mobility Forum' in Madrid's SUMP - Madrid, Spain [EN] [ES]
  • Bus fleet renewal process in Bologna - Bologna, Italy [EN] [BG] [IT]
  • Birmingham Connected: A Forward Thinking SUMP - Birmingham, United Kingdom [EN]
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Mobility and Transport Schemes - Manchester, United Kingdom [EN] [FI] [NL]

SUMP Measures:

  • Bike Tower - Automatic Parking System for Bikes - Hradec Králové, Czech Republic [EN] [CZ]
  • Cycling and mobility management plan for Burgos - Burgos, Spain [EN] [BG]
  • School Bike Planner for the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region - Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Germany [EN] [RO] [SL]

More Information

Project Manager Polis: Dagmar Köhler, dkoehler@polisnetwork.eu

Twitter: @SUMPendurance
LinkedIn: ENDURANCE - European SUMP network