ENDURANCE project publishes new SUMP factsheet collection

The Endurance Project has accumulated a series of fact sheets on SUMP practices from around Europe and their implementation process. These fact sheets are now available as a free download at the ENDURANCE website under:

The fact sheets cover 5 thematic areas that are addressed in the course of sustainable urban mobility planning, these are:

  • Citizen participation
  • Institutional cooperation
  • Effective measures for SUMP implementation
  • Financing
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The cities featured in these fact sheets include various Polis Members such as Bologna, Toulouse, Utrecht,  Frankfurt, Madrid and Limerick.

The fact sheets are now being translated into several European languages and will be widely available to allow for easier dissemination of information and improvement of urban sustainability methods.

Access the factsheets here.

For more information, please contact Dagmar Köhler (