Antonios Tsiligiannis

Project & Regions Working Group Coordinator

Antonios joined POLIS in April 2022.

As the Co-lead of the Regions Working Group, he is responsible for covering mobility themes with a focus on regional governance approaches, challenges, and solutions. He is also currently involved in projects dealing with electromobility, urban freight, air and noise pollution mitigation, and sustainable urban mobility planning, such as LENSNextETRUCKSCALE, TIPS4PED, and the implementation phase of the Istanbul SUMP.

Before joining POLIS, Antonios worked as a Project Manager for the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB-MIVB) and the local government in Belgium. He has also worked with several private firms in France and Greece in the areas of architecture, urban design, and metropolitan planning.

Antonios is an EU-licensed architectural engineer (BArch) and urban planner (MPhil) by the National Technical University of Athens. He also holds an MArch in urban design from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-La-Villette. For his ongoing Ph.D. thesis at the National Technical University of Athens, he is researching the relationship between large-scale projects, urban development, and sustainable and resilient planning.

You can contact him in English, French, Italian, and Greek.