Ten European cities recognised with EU Mission label for their plans to reach climate-neutrality by 2030

On 12 October, the European Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities bestowed its prestigious label upon ten European urban centres.

This noteworthy recognition marks a pivotal moment for these cities, signifying their robust commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The primary objective of the EU Mission Label is to streamline access to both public and private funding, aligning with these cities' ambitious environmental goals.

The list of cities receiving the EU Mission Label encompasses Sønderborg (Denmark), Mannheim (Germany), Madrid, Valencia, Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zaragoza (Spain), Klagenfurt (Austria), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and Stockholm (Sweden).

This achievement is a testament to their diligent efforts in developing Climate City Contracts, comprehensive documents that outline the cities' holistic vision for climate neutrality. These contracts include detailed action plans and investment strategies. Collaborating with local stakeholders, including the private sector and citizens, these cities crafted their Climate City Contracts. In April 2023, an initial group of cities presented these contracts, which underwent a thorough evaluation by the Commission, assisted by experts from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Upon receiving a positive review, the cities were granted the EU Mission Label, designed to ease access to EU, national, and regional financial resources, particularly private investments.

These ten cities stand as beacons, inspiring others to accelerate their journey toward a sustainable, equitable transition that encompasses green and digital elements. They exemplify a participatory approach to policy development at the local level. The EU Cities Mission is a collaborative initiative featuring 100 EU cities and an additional 12 cities associated with Horizon Europe.

Looking ahead, the Commission, in conjunction with the Mission Platform managed by the NetZeroCities project, will continue to support the effective implementation of the Climate City Contracts. Cities bearing the EU Mission Label can now leverage it as a mark of confidence in their climate neutrality plans, particularly when seeking support from public and private funders. The Commission, through the Mission Platform, remains committed to providing cities with practical advice and funding programs. This includes a €32 million pilot program in combination with a twinning initiative, with another call for pilot cities currently open until November 6, offering a budget of €20 million.

Irrespective of whether they receive the EU Mission Label, all cities that submit their Climate City Contracts receive constructive feedback on areas that could benefit from further development, with the Mission Platform's assistance. The Commission anticipates receiving additional Contracts for evaluation in October 2023.



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