2023 - 2026


Co-funded by the EU and launched at the 2023 Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, the deployEMDS initiative focuses on cultivating a broad European ecosystem of mobility data providers and users, facilitating the adoption of common building blocks. With 16 use cases in nine EU countries, this project will contribute to the development of sustainable, innovative data services and applications for the future of urban mobility.

deployEMDS is a project co-funded under the EU Digital Europe Programme, which aims to turn the European mobility data space (EMDS) concept into reality. Toward this goal, deployEMDS will roll out 16 use cases in nine implementation sites: Barcelona, Budapest, Flanders, Île-de-France, Lisbon, Milan, Sofia, Stockholm and Tampere.

The project started in November 2023 and will end in October 2026.

Toward a common European mobility data space

The goal of creating a European mobility data space (EMDS) is to facilitate data access, pooling, and sharing for more efficient, safe, sustainable, and resilient European transport. Aligned with the European Data Strategy and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, deployEMDS will support policymaking by enabling data sharing and reuse for efficient multimodal mobility and traffic management, as well as for measuring progress of sustainable urban mobility across Europe. 

Credit: jeshoots, Unsplash

Concretely, deployEMDS supports the realisation of the EMDS by means of:

  • Real-life implementation projects
  • Common technical infrastructure
  • Common governance systems
The overarching focus of this innovative project is further divided between the following three thremes:
  • Data interoperability: Sharing and exchanging data in a standardised way
  • Data sovereignty and trust: Retaining authority and control over data.
  • Accessibility: Discoverability and availability of mobility data.

Who is participating?

The project consortium includes 38 beneficiaries and seven associated partners.

Credit: Erin Song, Unsplash

Diversity among project partners will provide for:

  • horizontal alignment and local coordination in the deployment of the EMDS;
  • strong technical, legal, and governance expertise;
  • and effective communicationdissemination and exploitation.

Additionally, a range of local stakeholders, from cities, public transport authorities, regions to transport providers, digital service providers, and research institutes, will play a role in the implementation of the project. Together, they will ensure that project deliverables are leveraged toward interoperable, secure, and efficient mobility data sharing across Europe.

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