Catch me if you can! – Micromobility paper

Catch me if you can! - Micromobility paper

The report 'Catch me if you can! - How European Cities are regulating Shared Micromobility' explores how cities and regions are addressing the regulation of shared micromobility, such as bicycles, e-bikes, cargo bikes, and e-scooters.

The study, conducted by POLIS, involves a comprehensive approach, including a survey, expert interviews, desk reviews, Working Group meetings, and other interactions.

The findings highlight the dynamic nature of shared micromobility and the challenges associated with integrating new modes of transport into existing frameworks, particularly in the context of car-centric infrastructure.

The report raises fundamental questions about the future of transportation regulation, emphasising the need to move away from a car-centric legacy for sustainable transport innovation and achieve climate neutrality by reshaping transportation practices. The goal is to provide strategic insights for decision-makers and encourage dialogue among diverse stakeholders in navigating the complexities of shared micromobility regulation.


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