Dublin (NTA)

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is a statutory body established by the Minister for Transport on 1 December 2009.

At a national level, the NTA has responsibility for securing the provision of public passenger land transport services. This includes the provision of subventions for bus and rail services by Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus and Irish Rail. The Authority also licences public bus passenger services.

The NTA also has responsibility for the development of an integrated transport system within the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). The principal functions of the NTA with respect to the GDA are:

  • strategic planning of transport;
  • development of an integrated, accessible public transport network;
  • promoting cycling and walking; provision of public transport infrastructure generally including light rail, metro and heavy rail;
  • effective management of traffic and transport demand

NTA has also undertaken significant traffic circulation redesign. Dublin City Council and Ireland’s National Transport Authority (NTA) initiated a project to develop a new signage scheme for the Inner and Outer Orbital Routes in 2017. The aim was to update the signage, make it easier to understand it and thus improve access to off street cycle parking and city centre car parks- helping to cement the improvements in the city’s integrated transportation system.

New Orbital Routes, © Dublin City Council

Dublin is also leading the way with new technologies and data. Smart Dublin released a report outlining a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model for Ireland led by public authorities, examining milestones reached, the next steps required, and which stakeholders have a role to play.

credit: Gregory DALLEAU/ unsplash

This is being underpinned by a focus on accessibility and inclusion- particularly for LQBTQIA+ transport issues. In 2017, Dublin Bus collaborated with TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland) to develop their Workplace Gender Transition Policy and Guidelines. Over the past few years, it also teamed up with numerous associations to release multiple videos featuring a variety of queer voices and taking action to support the community. Among their exciting initiatives, there were, for example, "Proud Dads" and "The Long Road to Pride".

Dublin is/was involved in EU projects:

  • Conduits, Smartfreight and FLOW.


You can find out more on their website.