Dublin is looking for best practices to promote shared mobility in the workplace

Smart Dublin are calling for information on best practices in shared mobility.

Smart Dublin are delivering a pilot project to promote shared mobility in the workplace. The trial offers e-bikes and e-cars, which are bookable via an app, and free for staff to use. The focus is on reducing private car use for business travel.

Called the ‘Smart Mobility Hub’, it is a collaborative project between Dublin City Council and local government, government agency Enterprise Ireland, University College Dublin and a consortium of commercial partners.

‘Smart Mobility Hubs’ offer shared electric cars and e-bikes that are free to use and easy to book. They are provided by businesses to their staff for the purpose of work travel. Smart Mobility Hubs give staff more flexibility to leave their personal cars at home, and businesses more flexibility in managing their car parks.

The Smart Mobility Hub pilot intends to help alleviate congestion and air pollution by providing innovative solutions for council staff work-related travel.

Smart Mobility Hub playbook will capture the operational, financial and strategic lessons from the pilot project, and will highlight the wider context, both nationally and internationally.

Smart Dublin are looking for any information relating to best practice in corporate mobility, such as relevant publications, and similar case studies.

If you have any information, please contact Yvonne Pearse, project lead, at

For more information about the Smart Mobility Hub:


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