2012 - 2015


TIDE (Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe) enhanced the broad transfer and take-up of 15 innovative urban transport and mobility measures and made a contribution to establish them as mainstream measures.

TIDE focused on 15 innovative measures in five thematic clusters: financing models and pricing measures, non-motorised transport, network and traffic management to support traveller information, electric vehicles and public transport organisation. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is a horizontal topic integrated in the cluster activities.

TIDE built further on the NICHES+ and NICHES project, and was funded by DG Research & Innovation. The project  ran from October 2012 to September 2015.

TIDE actively supported 15 committed cities in developing implementation scenarios.

  • New Pricing Measures: Milan, Huesca, Gent
  • Non-Motorised modes: Donostia-San Sebastian, Aalborg, Craiova
  • Network and traffic management: Reading Borough Council, Lyon, Rome
  • Electromobility: Rotterdam, Tampere, Barcelona
  • Public Transport Organisation: BKK – Budapest, SRM Bologna, Vilnius

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans were a horizontal topic to integrate the cluster activities. The needs of practitioners in European cities and regions were a guiding principle throughout the whole project. A particular focus was also on providing guidance for finding cost-efficient solutions (cost-benefit analysis). The project refined existing transferability methodologies and integrated them into an easy to apply handbook for practitioners. Face-to-Face training and exchange events as well as handbooks and e-learning on how to successfully implement innovative solutions were key tools to effectively support a wide range of take-up candidates in overcoming real or perceived barriers to implementation. A broad portfolio of dissemination activities ensured a high visibility of the project. In addition TIDE actively supported 15 committed cities (five Cluster Leading & 10 subcontracted Champion Cities) that demonstrated how to successfully prepare the implementation of urban transport innovation providing examples to a wider group of take-up candidates

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