The city of Aalborg is the main city of the North Jutland region in northern Denmark. The population of the city itself is approximately 130 000, which rises to around 200 000 for the whole of the Aalborg municipal area. With 1900km of roads, Aalborg is the third largest municipality in Denmark. Aalborg, especially the city centre, has recently become more pedestrian-friendly to the satisfaction of both the users of city facilities and the retail industry. Aalborg is a city experiencing rapid growth and the city is responding to this in a sustainable manner. For some years, the focus has been on redesigning the urban waterfront to make it a place forresidential housing, restaurants, retail facilities and an area of significant recreational value for the citizens. This trend will continue in the years to come.

Aalborg is involved in the ARCHIMEDES (CIVITASPlus project).

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