Donostia-San Sebastian

The city of Donostia-San Sebastián (population 185,685) is located in the Basque Country on the north coast of Spain, 20 km from the French border. The metropolitan area has around 400,000 inhabitants. The territory of the municipality covers 6,000 hectares, of which 34% is urban area and 66% rural.

Donostia-San Sebastián focuses on following areas:

  • Active mobility (Pedestrians and Cyclists)
  • Colective public Transport
  • Mobility management facing big events (sports, music, meetings,..) as Donostia-San Sebastian will be European Capital of Culture in 2016 (jointly with Wroclaw, Poland)

The city of Donosita-San Sebastian is/was involved in TIDE, SITE, SmartCEM, SWITCH, CYCLELOGISTICS AHEADCIVITAS CAPITAL and SUMPS UP.

San Sebastian was engaged in the TIDE project on urban transport innovation. This short movie shows their achievements in the project.


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