TIDE helps transport innovation to happen

The first workshop brought together TIDE consortium members with experts on the five thematic clusters to discuss the deployment of innovative urban transport measures and research priorities that will foster new knowledge.

Main topics of discussion included the ultimate goal of deployment and what are the barriers and drivers. Research priorities were also discussed including the knowledge gaps and what is needed to overcome these. The role of the EU in stimulating implementation and supporting relevant research was also a key feature. The results of the workshop will be summarised in the TIDE High Level European Deployment Scenarios and Research Recommendations on Urban Transport Innovation. These will provide a roadmap on how to foster the uptake of the thematic clusters and provide research recommendations on the European level that identify current research gaps.

The focus of the second TIDE workshop was on how to integrate innovative mobility measures with sustainable urban mobility planning. This was presented in cooperation with the EU projects SOLUTIONS ( and CH4LLENGE (

The workshop illustrated the benefits of sustainable urban mobility planning and provided examples from Ghent, West Yorkshire and the Netherlands. Participants were able to recognise and overcome the challenges of integrated planning and were given tools and ideas to use in their own local context. The results of the workshop will be summarised in the report, Innovative Concepts and their integration in SUMP.

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