POLIS publishes new Cities in motion magazine at #POLIS23!

During the Opening Plenary of the Annual POLIS Conference 2023, POLIS launches the highly awaited third volume of Cities in motion, titled 'A city for whom?'.

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This transformative edition boldly navigates the intricate landscape of urban mobility, challenging us to rethink the very essence of our cities.

Indeed, a city reflects its people at its core — by all means, it is a dynamic interplay of spaces fostering life, work, and communal flourishing. However, this edition contends that our urban mobility architecture often neglects the essential needs of communities. As we embark on this journey, the profound question echoes: 'A city for whom?'

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Table of content

Through 23 compelling articles, our contributors and staff try to answer this question by bringing in examples, case studies, theories, and new perspectives to the table — all showing that sustainable mobility demands, above all, inclusivity.

Featuring #POLIS23 sponsors and partners Fifteen, Uber, and Voi, the magazine allows readers to understand how much bike-sharing schemes, equal access to EV-charging, and innovative safety approaches to micromobility can, with the right mindset and mission, become tools for true inclusivity.

The magazine also highlights brilliant practices and local measures from our membership — from the future host of the Annual POLIS Conference 2024 Baden-Württemberg to Turku, Viken, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and more, including associate members Mpact, RISE, and Open Mobility Foundation.

Including exclusive interviews and conversations with Plenary Speakers Stefaan Walgrave and Koen Kennis, Incoming and Outgoing POLIS Presidents Lot van Hooijdonk and David Dessers, 'A city for whom?' gives a taste of our Conference and then some.

Keynote Interviews
  • Winning with Sustainable Mobility: Interview with Stefaan Walgrave HERE
  • Antwerp’s Advance: Interview with Koen Kennis HERE
  • Unlocking Inclusivity: With Esen Köse and Jelten Baguet HERE
  • Focus on TEN-T HERE
  • Upper in Action HERE
  • City of Men, City of Women: With Romit Chowdhury and Sara Candiracci HERE
Environment & Health
  • Cycling Forward HERE
  • Every Step Counts HERE
  • Bike-Sharing is Caring: Interview with Benoit Yameundjeu HERE
  • School Run of Fun HERE
  • Fighting for Clean Air HERE
Governance & Integration
  • Cities in Dialogue: Interview with David Dessers and Lot van Hooijdonk HERE
  • Rotterdam Roadmap HERE
  • Beyond Automation HERE
  • The Power of the Curb: Interview with Anne Goodchild HERE
  • All Hands on Deck HERE
  • Equal Access to EV-charging Stations HERE
  • A Vision that Spans an Ocean: With Andrew Glass Hastings, Connie Llanos, Gemma Schepers, Martin Lefrancq, and Ivo Cré HERE
Safety & Security
  • Catch My Bike if You Can HERE
  • Safety First: Interview with Christy Pearson HERE
Traffic Efficiency
  • MaaSsive Promises HERE
  • A Space for Data HERE
  • Viken Beats the Rush HERE