Turku, with its surrounding municipalities, is an energetic centre of growth in the Baltic Sea area with approximately 200 000 inhabitants.

Turku was selected one of the EUs 100 mission cities which aim to become carbon neutral by 2030, Turku has bettered this goal with setting the aim of being carbon neutral by 2029, in time for the cities 800-year-celebration. A big part of this challenge is the promotion of sustainable mobility.

Turku is involved in many measures to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility, one of which is to promote electromobility and development of the electric charging infrastructure, which is currently run as a part of the Horizon 2020 financed USER-CHI project. The city is also developing the versatility of mobility highlighting the diverse methods of mobility and active year-round modes of transport. Active mobility management is at the core of another Horizon project they are working on called Scale-Up.

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