Mpact is a Belgian non-profit organisation focusing on shared mobility. They offer concrete mobility services like Carpool (ridesharing), Less Mobile Services (social transport for elderly people), Cozywheels (community based vehicle sharing) and cambio (carsharing). At the same time, Mpact keeps innovating by participating in European projects and developing new concepts like Mobihubs and the TOMP-API. Lastly, they raise support for shared mobility, both among the general public and the political level.

‘Do more with less’ is the core idea at Mpact: more inclusive, sustainable and accessible mobility with less vehicles, emissions and space consumption.

Mpact believes that reducing the number of cars and car trips in Belgium is possible. If walking, cycling, collective transport and shared mobility are qualitatively expanded and connected with each other, passenger mobility will become more efficient, safe, ecological and inclusive. Indeed, through their participation in a range of projects including INCLUSION, ART-Forum and eHUBS they have support new ways to reduce car trips in the most efficient and inclusive way possible.

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