City Declaration: “The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets”

City Declaration: "The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets"

The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets is a city declaration setting out the necessary principles for sound effective actions for traffic safety. It was coordinated by Polis and EUROCITIES.

With this declaration on road safety, local and regional authorities reaffirm their key role in building safe systems. As Polis Secretary General Karen Vancluysen said, “Cities are sending a strong message: they are willing to act now to make their streets safer. We hope that this declaration will inspire many more cities across Europe and beyond to not only promote walking and cycling but to also invest in making these modes safe. Death and serious injuries are not an inevitable by-product of urban mobility.”

Signed during the closing plenary session of the Annual Polis Conference 2019, the declaration marks a significant step forward in recognising the collective effort that is needed to achieve the target of zero road deaths by 2050.

The following cities and regions support this Declaration:

Arnhem-Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Barcelona (Spain)

Berlin (Germany)

Bilbao (Spain)

Braga (Portugal)

Brussels (Belgium)

Budapest (Hungary)

Częstochowa (Poland)

Dublin (Ireland)

Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Farkadona (Greece)

Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Gothenburg (Sweden)

Greater Manchester (United Kingdom)

Helmond (Netherlands)

Île-de-France (France)

La Rochelle(France)

Leon (Spain)


London (United Kingdom)

Madrid (Spain)

Marmara Municipalities Union (Turkey)

Noord Brabant Province (Netherlands)

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Schaarbeek (Belgium)

Sofia (Bulgaria)


The following organisations support this Declaration:

Agilysis (United Kingdom)



CIE (Cycling Industries Europe)

CIVINET Greece-Cyprus

Donkey Republic

ECF (European Cycling Federation)

EuroRAP (European Road Assessment Programme)

FEVR (European Federation of Road Traffic Victims)


Humanising Autonomy (United Kingdom)

IFP (International Federation of Pedestrians)

IRVA (Irish Road Victims’ Association (Ireland))


Micro-Mobility for Europe

Move EU

MUBi (Associação pela Mobilidade Urbana em Bicicleta (Portugal))

NTUA (National Technical University of Athens (Greece))

Sustrans (United Kingdom)



Vital Infrastruktur Arena (Norway)

VSV (Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (Belgium))

VOI Technology AB


World Resources Institute (WRI)

YOURS (Youth for Road Safety)



Endorse the declaration

Local authorities and concerned international organisations can endorse the declaration today. For more information, please contact Pedro Homem de Gouveia at