POLIS-ERRIN: Proposed Amendments to the TEN-T Regulation

POLIS-ERRIN: Proposed Amendments to the TEN-T Regulation

In June 2020, ERRIN and POLIS published an opinion paper – “Strengthening urban nodes and innovation to enhance the capacity, sustainability, and competitiveness of the European transport system” – on the revision of the TEN-T guidelines based on our experiences as regional and local actors with the TEN-T implementation. The opinion set out key messages for the common provisions on urban nodes, research, and innovation 

This document translates the policy messages brought forward in the opinion into concrete proposals for amendments as a response to the spring 2021 consultation on the TEN-T regulation (No 1315/2013) revision with a specific focus on urban nodes. It also focuses on the relation between the regulationdeployment, and financing.  

This document is the result of a cooperation between ERRIN and POLIS members.  

Established in 2001, ERRIN promotes the regional and local dimension in European research and innovation policies and programmes. The network gathers over 120 members who primarily collaborate through 13 Working Groups, covering both thematic areas and overarching policy issues. ERRIN supports project development and knowledge exchange between members to enhance regional and local research and innovation capacities, with the aim to foster sustainable and inclusive growth in all regions.

POLIS is the leading European network of cities and regions focusing on urban transport innovation. We cooperate to develop sustainable urban mobility solutions for the city of today and tomorrow. POLIS draws its expertise from a network of decision makers, researchers, managers, and practitioners working in authorities at local and regional level across the European Union.
Building on results developed in European projects and in thematic working groups that touch upon key transport challenges, we link innovation and public policy orientations on urban and regional mobility with European policy development.