Contribution to EU New Urban Mobility Framework

Contribution to EU New Urban Mobility Framework

This document is POLIS' contribution to the new EU Urban Mobility Framework, an initiative put forward by the European Commission to develop urban transport systems that are safe, accessible, inclusive, affordable, smart, resilient and emission-free.

POLIS welcomes DG MOVE’s ambition to shape a new Urban Mobility Framework. We face an unprecedented situation, with profoundly menacing consequences, which requires swift and decisive actions. The next decade is critical, and we must rise to this challenge together – as Europeans. The New EU Urban Mobility Framework should help all scales of European governance accelerate the shift to Sustainable Urban Mobility.

This position paper is the core of our contribution to the consultation undertaken by the European Commission for its new Urban Mobility Framework. It elaborates on the two fronts that we consider most important – the way key challenges are framed, and specific measures.

The paper sets out by framing the challenge and the lessons learned from the COVID-19 lockdowns. It the lays out the Urban Mobility System we aspire to, and the concerted effort needed to get there. Finally, it elaborates on the Framework’s connection to the Strategy, and proposes actions for the next decade.

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