With a population of 320,000, Aarhus is Denmark's second-largest city and the fastest-growing in the country. In the past ten years, the city has received 15,000 new residents and created 20,000 new jobs, the majority within the knowledge, service and innovation industries. Being a city of engaged citizens, innovative businesses and students from all over the world, Aarhus is characterised by a strong spirit of cooperation and social cohesion.

In Aarhus, there is a belief that there is always room for improvement, and we do not shy away from taking on big challenges. Whether it is giant leaps in innovation or small steps in efficiency, Aarhus is all about taking what is there and improving it. This ability to rethink itself has made Aarhus a go-to city for international collaboration and a source of inspiration for both businesses and other cities. The City of Aarhus's vision is that Aarhus is and continues to be a good city for everyone. A city on the move. A city that works together.

Aarhus is/was involved in SWITCH TRAVEL (Follower City) and READY - Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions (Partner).

All Aarhus mobility documents can be found here.

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