Sustainable URban Freight

Sustainable URban Freight

e-charging infrastructure in Oslo, Norway (c) ASSURED

SURF  - Sustainable URban Freight - will guide city planners, business leaders and other freight decision-makers to develop a vision and strategy pathway for sustainable freight.

The project is a collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund Europe, one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations that is working to turn environmental solutions into action. Taking place between April and December 2021, the project will particularly focus on the design and implementation of Zero-Emission Zones for freight (ZEZ-Fs), which can dramatically reduce carbon emissions and contribute to healthier cities.

Building upon the How-to Guide on Zero-Emission Zones for Freight, a joint effort of POLIS, Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) and C40 Cities, the project develops and structures knowledge and awareness. SURF will also build practice and partnerships to launch innovative solutions and measures for the decarbonisation of the freight sector, with a focus on urban logistics.

This project is broken down into two main parts, Capacity Building and Instant Projects:

The Capacity Building portion will include an online e-course providing participants with the education and tools they need to effectively develop a ZEZ-F.
For the second portion, participants will be invited to apply for funding to conduct Instant Projects and Studies to identify or test elements of a ZEZ-F that would be needed for success.

The SURF Final Report is available HERE.

You can find more resources from the capacity building online courses HERE.

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