18/02/2014 - 19/02/2014 Braunschweig (Germany)

11th symposium: Hybrid & electric vehicles - call for paper

Recent years have seen a surge in research and development work on the subject of electric drives. Above all, this is the result of a wider range of components and the growing number of vehicles ready to
enter production. For this reason, the symposium will be providing detailed coverage of the latest solutions in the field of hybrid, plug-in as well as electric vehicles with fuel cell and battery, including infrastructure.

The presentation line-up has been extended to devote particular attention to battery technology and
the fuel cell. The topics examined will also include the marketing instruments used for launching electric
and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Against this backdrop,  paper proposals are requested on the following subject areas:

• Passenger car concepts: Purpose design vs. modified models
• Market launches and market strategies for hybrid and e-vehicles
• Commercial vehicles, buses and mobile machines
• Drive components: Combustion engines and electric motors,  transmissions, power electronics etc.
• Battery technology and types in practice
• Next generation: Battery/fuel cell
• Infrastructure: Charging process
• Energy management: Vehicle electrical systems, simulation processes, open and closed-loop control, route planning, topology recognition
• Thermal management: Heating and cooling of vehicle interior, power units and battery
• Safety and driving stability
• Acoustics, sound design

Further information at: http://www.its-nds.de/pages/en/events/hybrid.php