14/02/2023 - 16/02/2023 Brussels, Belgium

RTR Conference 2023

The RTR Conference is back! Co-organised by the European Commission, the leading conference on road transport research returns in Brussels from the 14 to 16 of February 2023.

Save the date! The next RTR (Road Transport Research) Conference will be held on 14, 15, and 16 February 2023.

The yearly event is organised by the European Commission (EC), together with the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC), the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association for the 2Zero partnership (EGVIAfor2Zero) and the Connected, Cooperation and Automated Mobility Association (CCAM).

The RTR Conference has been an exceptional entry point for the accomplishment of road transportation projects funded by the EU over the last six years. Participants will once again hear about the outcomes and expected impacts of Horizon2020 projects as well as the next stages in research in key areas for road transport, such as green vehicles, urban mobility, logistics, intelligent transport systems, safety, and automated road transport. The conference will present a comprehensive picture of how the European research landscape is developing in these areas, benefiting the environment, the economy, and the entire European community.

POLIS participates in the RTR Conference

Over the span of three days, the Conference will feature 16 sessions, 67 speakers and 62 innovative projects in road transport. You can find the full provisional program here.

You will find POLIS projects EAFO, SCALE, and FUTURE HORIZON at their respective exhibition stands - make sure not to miss these sessions featuring POLIS projects and members of the Secretariat:

  • 1. Building an inclusive and interconnected transport system (EINSTEIN), moderated by Laura Babio and featuring INDIMO (14 February, 14:00-16:00);
  • 4. CCAM – New mobility services and future data management needs (EINSTEIN). featuring MobiDataLab (14 February, 16:30-18:30);
  • 7. City-led innovation for a renewed urban mobility (EINSTEIN), moderated by Karen Vancluysen and featuring SPROUT, ReVeAL, and MOMENTUM (15 February, 9:45-12:15);
  • 12. GV - EV charging solutions: get the users on board (EINSTEIN), featuring eCharge4Drivers (16 February, 9:00-10:30);
  • 13. Safety of all road us, featuring i-DREAMS (16 February, 9:00-10:30);
  • 15. Innovative solutions to achieve sustainable mobility in urban areas (EINSTEIN), moderated by Ivo Cre and featuring Park4SUMP (16 February, 11:00-12:30).


For more information, click here to visit the official RTR conference website.