2016 - 2020


CIVITAS SATELLITE focused on helping cities gain better access to innovative solutions to properly address transport challenges.

Cities, as the closest link to citizens, were the focal point of SATELLITE’s efforts, with an emphasis on international cooperation as an essential aspect for cities to function as “activity hubs” in the global economy.

Cross-project coordination, exchange mechanisms and capacity-building provide cities with access to the latest innovations resulting from European urban mobility research, as well as helping city practitioners gain the necessary skills to apply innovations in their local contexts. Additional exchange activities and community building took place, where cities learned from their peers, laying the foundation for these solutions to be applied in practice.

CIVITAS SATELLITE acted as an anchor for the entire CIVITAS Network, coordinating and supporting CIVITAS 2020 projects, facilitating cooperation, formulating comprehensive cross-project conclusions, information-sharing and ensuring CIVITAS visibility.

The project's deliverables are available:

The project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Smart, Green and Integrated Transport programme.

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