2023 - 2026


STREnGth_M is a three-year Horizon Europe project focused on innovative road transport. Its main objective? Contributing to the planning of research and innovation in Europe through various efforts and initiatives!

STREnGth_M is an innovative road transport project helping meet the European Green Deal targets and the Paris Agreement. Running from February 2023 until February 2026, it is formed by a diverse and compelling consortium of 23 partners from 10 Member States across Europe and beyond. The project is led by AVL, one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies for development, simulation, and testing in the automotive industry and in other diverse sectors, and is a support action of ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Advisory Council.

Road transport has great potential to contribute to transforming our cities and meeting the European Green Deal targets and the Paris Agreement; thus, investing in road transport research and innovation becomes a must. In comes STREnGth_M, which seeks to:

  • Specify future research needs in road transport.
  • Update and support the coordination of strategic research agendas and roadmaps in the field.
  • Facilitate continuous exchange between road transport research-related Horizon Europe partnerships and platforms.
  • Identify existing barriers to the deployment of research results on European and international levels.
  • Track the global progress of electric mobility while measuring the feasibility of innovative solutions for prospective and emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Strengthen existing and forge new links between European, national, and regional programmes and support structures for international cooperation task forces.


In order to achieve its objectives, the project's methodology follows clear steps, including:

  •  Actions to support the road transport arena, in particular in the fields of education, training and skills, plus standardization and business models on a European level.
  • Identify barriers to the deployment of research results and the improvement of framework conditions at the European level.
  • Organise events, conferences, workshops, and dissemination activities to promote the contributions from RT to the Green Deal and PA.

This project follows on the steps of the now wrapped up FUTURE-HORIZON.

Want to keep up with the latest news? Check out the project website.