A new ERTRAC's Vision and SRA is on the way!

ERTRAC is actively reviewing its Strategic Research Agenda as Horizon Europe reaches its midpoint, gearing up for the 10th EU Framework Programme. Focused on the "green and digital" twin transition, this effort aims to shape the future of road transport innovation.

As we reach the midpoint of the Horizon Europe research programme, our attention turns to the forthcoming 10th EU framework programme. ERTRAC is actively engaged in this process, embarking on a thorough review of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

ERTRAC is setting the stage by crafting an updated long-term Vision that paints a vivid picture of what the road transport system should look like by the daring year 2050. From this visionary perspective, challenges will emerge, sparking the formulation of a strategic array of main research topics. These topics will serve as the compass towards overcoming challenges and transforming the Vision into a tangible reality.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, because this revamped Strategic Research Agenda is not just a document; it's ERTRAC's powerful contribution to the blueprint of the 10th EU Framework Programme. But here's the thrilling part – at the heart of it all is the role of road transport innovation, driving the much-anticipated twin transition of "green and digital''.

Stay tuned for a crucial milestone as ERTRAC members actively shape this future narrative. But guess what? Your voice matters too! A grand public consultation awaits in 2024, beckoning you to join the chorus of visionaries shaping the roadmap for road transport research and innovation. Ready to be part of the driving force? More information to follow in the coming months!

POLIS is involved in ERTRAC through STREnGth_M, a three-year Horizon Europe project focused on innovative road transport and support action of ERTRAC.