POLIS joins the MobiDataLab project

POLIS is proud to announce its participation in the MobiDataLab project, a program developing digital tools for the mobility sector.

The project, coordinated by AKKA Technologies and funded by Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation, aims to foster digitalisation for mobility stakeholders through the development of a worldwide data sharing culture, starting with Europe.

The 3-year project began on 1 February 2021 and will assist transport organising authorities, operators, industry and innovators to optimize use of data for the improvement of their operations and services by proposing a replicable methodology and sustainable tools.

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the mobility landscape. From innovative MaaS, services, to user-friendly electric charging solutions, digitalisation is facilitating new integrated, connected and multimodal freight and passenger offerings.

Through problem-solving oriented labs and knowledge sharing, the MobiDataLab project will help stakeholders keep apace of digital developments and ensure they are able to deploy them in their own service delivery. The project will construct a cross-thematic knowledge base which will coordinate access and usage of data sharing resources.

POLIS joins a consortium of 10 partners from industry, research, academia, consultancy and governance sectors across Europe. POLIS will draw on its expertise from neighbouring projects including MOMENTUM, TRACE and UVARBOX, as well as its work facilitating knowledge transfer through its working groups. POLIS’ roles include:

  • Lead on communication of the project, dissemination of its results, and engagement of stakeholder with the project work and partners;
  • contribute to the analysis and assessment of societal and environmental impacts of data sharing;
  • Contribute to quantification and measure of data exchange culture, and organisation of living labs.

Find out more about the project here.