Join the MobiDataLab Reference Group!

MobiDataLab is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 lab for prototyping new mobility data sharing solutions. The aim of the project is to foster data sharing in the transport sector, providing mobility organising authorities with recommendations on how to improve the value of their data, contributing to the development of open tools in the cloud, and organising hackathons aiming to find innovative solutions to concrete mobility problems.

The MobiDataLab approach is based on three pillars: the Open Knowledge Base, the Transport Cloud and the Labs (Living and Virtual):

  • The MobiDataLab Open Knowledge Base will provide a web-based tool for searching, querying a large set of resources linked to challenges and emerging principles for data sharing.
  • The Transport Cloud will demonstrate a cloud-based prototype platform for sharing transport data, accessible to all mobility actors involved in B2B and B2G models, evaluated by a Reference Group of data providers and data users through Living Labs participation.
  • Living and Virtual labs will provide the necessary open innovation ecosystem for an effective improvement in the culture of data sharing.

The MobiDataLab Reference Group

MobiDataLab is establishing a Reference Group that will consist of relevant mobility stakeholders (i.e. local/regional authorities, transport authorities, transport associations/clusters). This group is designed to help co-create, explore, experiment, and evaluate the Transport Cloud. Specifically, the MobiDataLab Reference Group will have to:

  • Provide challenges corresponding to concrete mobility problems (September 2022): These typical problems are related to parking, public transport, road traffic, new mobility, etc. (e.g. accessibility to large events (sport, concerts, other) or touristic areas, accessibility to critical infrastructures (hospitals), etc).
  • Participate to the Living Labs: These challenges will then be proposed to a community of innovators and data users, involved in dedicated hackathons/datathons. Reference Group members will participate in co-creation activities, providing challenges and answering participants’ questions. These living labs will take place during the year 2023.

Why join the MobiDataLab Reference Group?

The MobiDataLab Reference group is a unique opportunity for mobility stakeholders to learn from their peers and gain valuable insights on data sharing from the prototyping labs.

In exchange for providing challenges, members of the reference group will have the opportunity to meet Innovators with bright ideas to solve their problems/challenges as well as to connect with high valuable and tech data skilled resources during the Living labs. This group will enlarge the assessment and validation of the project’s concepts and results.

Additionally, MobiDataLab has a dedicated budget for the Reference Group and participants will be reimbursed for their travel/accommodation expenses.

Group members will:

  • Position themselves as a top smart-city engaging in innovation sessions and workshops aiming to share knowledge and build capacity amongst participants.
  • Be integrated into the MobiDataLab database to receive information on the Open Knowledge Base development.
  • Be invited to take part in dissemination events and activities organized by the project. This is a chance to network with other public and private stakeholders across the industry.
  • Receive direct information on the scalable transport cloud solution, as well as on the developed tools.

How to join the MobiDataLab Reference Group?

Are you representative of one of the following stakeholders: Local/Regional Authority; Transport Authority; Transport Association/Cluster? In this case we look forward to welcoming you onboard! Apply by completing the form before April 6th.

To learn more about the project, visit the website.


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