Upcoming Just Transition Webinar showcases urban mobility projects

In the newest addition to POLIS' Just Transition webinar series, we will focus on three groundbreaking (POLIS) projects: UPPER, ELABORATOR, and SMALL. These projects exemplify new ways to promote safer, greener, and more inclusive mobility.

The webinar on 26 October showcases some of the tangible actions driving a just transition in urban mobility. We will explore each project's vision of the sustainable urban mobility landscape and facilitate dialogue among project representatives, policymakers, experts, and stakeholders. Through the webinar, we aim to catalyse positive change in urban mobility policies and practices.

Webinar details

  • Thursday 26 October, 10:00 - 11:30 CET
  • Public Zoom seminar


Project details

UPPER: Unleashing the Potential of Public transport in EuRope (UPPER) aims to put public transport at the centre of the mobility ecosystem. To boost public transport uptake and user satisfaction, it implements measures related to five of the innovation axes that most influence user choices: mindset and culture, urban mobility planning, the mobility services ecosystem, road network management, and democratic governance. UPPER living labs and twinning sites are used to test the effectiveness of the project. Among other actors, POLIS joins KU Leuven, Lisbon, Budapest, and Rome (servizi per la mobilità) on this project.

ELABORATOR: This project was born from the idea that sustainable urban mobility should be inclusive, safe, and affordable. ELABORATOR works with vulnerable groups, local authorities, and other relevant urban stakeholders to co-design and implement mobility interventions in cities. Examples of these interventions include smart enforcement tools, space redesign, shared services, and active and green modes of transportation. The project's outcomes are demonstrated in 12 cities across Europe, from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Trikala (Greece).

SMALL: Through the SMALL project, a group of ambitious cities, industry leaders, researchers, and implementing organisations come together to alleviate car-dependency in cities and make shared mobility a reality. In particular, they focus on people with reduced mobility (PRM), such as children, families, the elderly, and physically impaired people. Though shared mobility is growing in Europe, 90% of today’s shared mobility solutions primarily benefit young urban people. To expand the reach of shared mobility, SMALL operates social innovation pilots in seven cities: Brest, Amsterdam, Hillerød, Gothenburg, Oslo, Saint-Quentin and Ghent.

If you are interested in learning more about these project, you can register for the webinar here.