5 reasons you should become a POLIS member

Cities and regions face large and complex mobility challenges - challenges which cannot be solved alone. Sustainability targets are looming, and momentum needs to be maintained. This is where  POLIS membership comes in. 

At a time when international cooperation is critical for reaching sustainable urban mobility goals, POLIS membership is growing rapidly. Within the POLIS Working Groups, cities and regions are cooperating and exchanging best practices to tackle their most pressing mobility challenges. 

POLIS has a large and incredibly active membership across Europe and beyond. From large capitals including London and Paris, to small and medium-sized cities such as Leuven and Ravenna, as well as regions such as Baden Württemberg and Ile-de-France. 

In addition, POLIS' associate members include leading academic institutions including Gustav Eiffel University,Breda University and CEREMA, as well as national operators such as SBB. 

This is a continually growing list and we have even already welcomed several new members in 2022. So, what does POLIS membership offer?

1. Peer-to-peer exchange on sustainable urban mobility

Our Working Groupsoffer an excellent platform for peer-to-peer exchange and rigorous debate with other European cities and regions on a wide range of urban-mobility related topics including urban freight, road safety, clean vehicles & air quality, health & active travel,governance, social & economic access, and traffic efficiency.  

We host a Small and Medium-Sized city platform and a working group for regions to support the disparate range of challenges, needs and resources our members have in view of their shape, size and constituency. These groups offer unique opportunities for connecting with those active across the urban mobility sector, addressing common challenges and showcasing transferable solutions. These are forums for members to speak openly about the challenges they have faced, hear advice from others, and share their own good practices. 

2. Connecting with the mobility industry

As new mobility services and technologies emerge, establishing dialogue on the governance of innovation and public-private sector cooperation and partnerships is more important than ever. POLIS offers a unique point of contact with industry experts and transport stakeholders who operate across Europe and beyond. We provide a forum for cross-sector discussion on leading topics, from data sharing,to the regulation and integration of micromobility services, to building capacity for working together on complex mobility challenges and managing disruption. 

POLIS also regularly partners with industry bodies including the European Parking Association, the International Public Transport Association (UITP), ALICE,  the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and others to sustain and enhance partnerships and collaborations.

3. Bouncing back better

We have been supporting cities through the COVID-19 crisis, providing crucial resources on bouncing back while not compromising ambitious urban mobility targets. OurPublic Transport Labwebinar series examined the future of public transport in a post-pandemic world, exploring how cities and regions are combatting COVID-19 induced setbacks, and how these lessons can help pave the way forward.

4. Horizon Europeadvise & project opportunities 

POLIS offers unique access to relevant outcomes of European research and innovation initiatives and projects on innovative and sustainable urban mobility. We do this by coordinating Horizon Europe training and information services, assisting local and regional authorities with navigating the Horizon Europe application process, identifying concrete funding opportunities, matching public and private stakeholders around topics of common interest, and jointly developing new project proposals.  

Furthermore, POLIS’ webinars, including the Mobilising Mobility series, showcase outcomes of EU projects, moving research to deployment on the ground, while our practitioner guidelines assist their integration into local policy. 

POLIS’ meetings also regularly connect cities and regions with European policy makers who help clarify and guide members around funding opportunities from decarbonisation to data sharing regulation. These exclusive members-only events are a chance to hear about European projects and opportunities for collaboration on future initiatives. 

5. Showcasing members’ achievements

POLIS provides a forum for communicating and showcasing the achievements of cities and regions in making urban mobility more sustainable. Through our various communications channels we regularly promote the initiatives of our members, helping others learn from them. Our bi-annual magazine, Thinking Cities, is an excellent opportunity for cities and regions to demonstrate their sustainable mobility endeavours to a global audience. 

Find out more 

If you would like to find out more about POLIS membership, please contact our membership team on the addresses below: 

  • Isobel Duxfield, Communications and Membership Officer, 
  • Francesco Ripa, Communications and Membership Coordinator,
Representatives of cities and regions gather in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the Annual General Assembly of POLIS. The annual POLIS Conference gathers every year over 600 urban mobility experts, practitioners and decision-makers. Credits: Emmy Jonsson.