Université Gustave Eiffel

UNI EIFFEL relies on a culture of innovation, developing numerous partnerships with the professional world qualifying professional integration and developing research excellence inside and outside Europe. UNI EIFFEL has LMD and vocational students covering: arts and literature, mathematics, computer science, physical sciences, languages, economics and management, humanities and social sciences; offering more than 220 degrees;  90 opened to apprenticeship (> 2,300 apprentices). A new PhD doctoral programme focused on all research related to cities including mobility is launched (COFUND H2020). Fourteen industrial chairs funded by major private companies are currently set up with  UNI EIFFEL. The campuses embedded in regional smart specialisation cooperate with local stakeholders and POLIS network.

UNI EIFFEL is/was involved in the following EU projects: INCIT-EV, MOBILITY4EU, TOD-IS-RUR, MAGnUM and CLEAR DOC.