Through the Access Working Group, cities and regions cooperate to address challenges such as access regulations, pricing, infrastructure, and accessibility for all.

The working group covers a broad range of topics related to social and economic aspects of transport, including the accessibility of transport to those with disabilities and accessibility to basic services for everyone, the financing of public transport and transport projects (including road infrastructure), regulation, planning and governance.


The topics being discussed in this Working Group are:

  • Management of urban space: inclusive urban spaces, better design and reallocation of urban space to allow for mobility for all;
  • Coach and the city: promoting uptake on the POLIS-IRU Pledge and workshop on the topic, gathering best practice and creating the link with tourism;
  • Geofencing;
  • Drones and urban air mobility (UAM).
Brussels Capital Region, one of the winners of the 2020 European Mobility Week Awards, thanks to the reduction of speed limit to 30 km/h by 2021 and the creation of numerous pedestrian zones. Image: Eurocities

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For further information, please contact Ivo Cré