MOBI-MIX shares closing insights in Final Brochure

Now that is an official wrap on MOBI-MIX: the project comes to a close with the publication of its Final Brochure, outlining key results as well as recommendations for public authorities to take note of. 

Goodbye, MOBI-MIX! While we must give our farewells to this exciting project, they leave us with a more than worthwhile legacy, sharing all of their key results and recommendations into one convenient document: the MOBI-MIX Final Brochure.

As cities strive to achieve a more sustainable, multimodal, and safe mobility system, MOBI-MIX sought to support this endeavour by better understanding how to implement shared mobility, mobility hubs and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Indeed, for many European cities shared mobility is no longer an if, but rather a how question. To provide an answer, the brochure reveals all the lessons learned from the project, such as what it sought to achieve, how it achieved it, and how all of the results obtained will be useful for public authorities to implement effective and sustainable shared mobility measures within their own urban spaces.

The document also provides a snapshot of the pilot projects from POLIS member cities Mechelen and Rotterdam, as well as Antwerp, Norfolk, and Valenciennes. These are particularly insightful not just for seeing how these cities carried out mobility solutions on the ground, but also to have clear examples of public-private collaboration models that proved to be key for the successful implementation of such innovative measures.

To read the full brochure, click here or check out the documents tab in the bottom menu.



MOBI-MIX intended to facilitate the uptake of innovative transport solutions to fulfil their potential and have a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions. It did so by developing and sourcing state-of-the-art public-private collaboration models for more effective implementation of micro-mobility and MaaS solutions in 5 pilot cities/regions: RotterdamNorfolkAntwerpMechelen, and Valenciennes.

Stay tuned to their final updates by checking their project website here.